Fulvic Acid

Concentrated Nutrient Booster.

Our Fulvic Acid is extracted from a natural aged humus and concentrated into a completely soluble dry powder. Fulvic Acid Powder contains 70% fulvic acid, with some humic acid and potassium. Fulvic Acid is one of the most versatile components in the soil environment due to its ability to complex or chelate metal ions and its unique ability to disolve soil minerals.These processes enhance the availability of nutritionally important trace elements as metal-fulvic complexes which are capable of entering plant cells.

Fulvic Acids are widely known for their ability to:

  • chelate with plant nutrients to improve their uptake by plants, and reduce their immobilisation in the soil;
  • promote quicker seed germination and faster root and shoot growth;
  • provide a valuable source of carbon for soil microorganisms;
  • stimulate enzymic systems in plants to increase plant respiration;
  • l improve moisture retention in plants and reduce moisture stress.


Fulvic Acid Powder can be blended with granulated fertilisers or dissolved in water to produce a concentrated liquid. Fertilisers: 1% fulvic powder in blend. Foliar: 100 – 300g per 100 litres of water. Herbicides/Pesticides: 20 – 50g per litre. Seed treatment: 0.5 kg per tonne of seed.


Fulvic Acid Powder is available in 25kg bags.

Typical Analysis (db):

Fulvic acid80%
Nitrogen (N)0.2%Calcium (Ca)2.3%
Sulphur (S)4.3%Potassium (K)0.1%

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